Services Overview



Complying with the rules, laws and regulations in force in theKingdom of Bahrain, we provide added value to our clients by helping them locate and lease offices, and handle telecommunications setups.                             >> Read On


Seeing that documentation, like company registration, visas, residence and work permits and driving licences, are handled, relieving your management of the headaches of dealing with government agencies and letting 3C�s take on the tasks, large or small, and move with them.  >> Read On


Career Sourcing

Finding the right person for the job, whether clerical or executive, is always a time-consuming chore. Subsequent to your detailed job description and parameters, at 3C�s we are accustomed to placing ads that get replies, usually more than what are required.                                             >> Read  On

Office Furnishing

Our subsidiary Interior Arts Company, can design and furnish your office to the specific requirements of the corporation including the personal preferences of the chief executive.