About 3Cs

What We Do

Why Choose Us

The business and social environment from one country to another can be baffling to newcomers on the scene.

The language, legal formalities can be an obstacle, and the whole way of doing business has major or subtle differences.

3C�s is there to bridge the gap, letting you become part of the business fabric, to lay a sound foundation for your operations inBahrain.

      3C�s, concentrates its work in three   
      prime areas to under gird corporate

  • Consulting � gives you the right business advice for new or expanding business

  • Clearance � timely approvals for your documents from government agencies, and
  • Candidate Sourcing � assisting in sourcing the right candidates for your business
  • Expertise to give right advice for business plans
  • Ability to explain or interpret Bahrain laws and regulations and provide the right guidance
  • Ability to meet time frames of clients
  • Regular feedbacks given to clients on the status of their pending documents and government clearances needed
  • Excellent service, works with you as your partner